CDM’s multi-step finishing system, high tech applicators, and tens of thousands of hours experience result in awe inspiring finished entrances. 

- Stain color on wood is best achieved with the sample submit/ approval method. Either CDM or end user can originate initial color. CDM’s proprietary stain colors utilize the highest quality pigments designed for maximum grain clarity and color steadfastness. (Note : Tone of finished product can vary based on raw wood color beneath the finish.) 

- Glazing and distressing is also available. CDM is sensitive to produce a distressed finish that captures the imagination of the viewer rather than appear contrived. 

- Low sheen catalyzed laquer produces a warm furniture grade look and is the typical default clear finish on interior surfaces. 

- The exterior entrance surface is finished with a durable marine varnish or catalyzed urethane (upon request) used in extreme weather environments.