Experience builds strength and character. Since 1985 Costello Door and Millwork (CDM) has manufactured 1000s of the finest doors and entrances throughout the U.S. and beyond. The list of distinguished clients includes

  • Courthouses         Airports      Storefront         Colleges/Universities

  • Country Club       Houses      Hotels/Resorts   U.S. Embassy

  • Celebrity estates    Banks        Hospitals           Medical facilities

  • Cathedral/ChurchesExecutive residences      Professional bldgs

      CDM has worked with some of the worlds foremost architects, contractors, and designers. Photos and drawings of unique doors/ entrances throughout the world have been collected and studied for design and structure characteristics. This working experience and obtained knowledge from abroad has been combined with astute studies in time proven classical designs and structural form. As a result, CDM not only manufactures doors and grand entrances, but is frequently called upon for their extensive design and engineering expertise thus propelling them into a forefront position of door manufacturers today. 

      Blending technology with tradition insures exacting tolerances and an exciting appearance on which CDM bases its reputation. CDM with its extensive experience and innovative prowess, has advanced the use of state of the art CAD and CNC techniques to industry leading standards. 

      CDM operates in an area renown for the worlds finest hardwoods. Its knowledge on the physical properties of the most commonly used woods is second to none. Relationships with regional wood suppliers have been nurtured over decades giving CDM access to superior cuts of wood species. Constant reevaluation insures consistent quality now and into the future. 

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