Dear Customer, 

    Costello Door & Millwork Company is located amongst the hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania, an area noted for the world’s finest hardwoods. Costello Door & Millwork Company is a manufacturer of the finest architectural millwork. This reputation supports the primary goal of Costello Door & Millwork Company - “To build the finest product at the most reasonable cost.” 

    The second goal is to “educate” the customers so they can make the best possible decision for themselves. 

    In the case of mouldings, the education is as follows: First we use the finest certified kiln dried domestic and imported hardwoods. The domestic hardwoods are from the Northern Appalachian mountain areas that support that particular species best, i.e., cherry and red oak - Northern Pennsylvania, select white maple - New England states. 

    Secondly, the machinery used to produce the mouldings that we offer are the finest in the world. Knives are ground and sharpened in house to tolerances that can not be seen with the naked eye. The mouldings are run at a feed rate that produces a finished product that exceeds standards set by the AWI (Architectural Woodworking Institute). 

    Thirdly, our mouldings are pre sanded. That means at least 93% of the mouldings can be unwrapped and stained. We do offer in-house finishing of mouldings to a stain or paint color of the owner’s approval using sophisticated line finishing machinery and procedures creating a “furniture grade” finish. 

    Lastly, we do custom work. We can reproduce profiles found in an older structure. Radius work is a specialty. Whether it is moulding, library paneling, fireplace surrounds, office reception areas, store facades, staircases, doors and entrances of any sorts, or just about any other type of architectural millwork not mentioned, rooms or whole structures can be “turn keyed” or just supplied with components. Also, we are capable of designing and manufacturing while working closely with the owner, architect, or interior designer. 

Philip Costello